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When it comes to effectively learning how to play one or more musical instruments, and appreciating different genres, The Music Academy in Toms River provides the perfect nurturing and creative environment. Indeed, it has been the ideal conduit for our 15-year-old son, Sergio, to express his musical talents for many years. The Music Academy has empowered him, on and off the stage, with interesting opportunities, exciting social interactions and memorable musical performances. Sergio had already played twice at the famous Stone Pony, as well as publicly elsewhere, in successful fundraising concerts and entertaining events.

With the enthusiastic and professional support from The Music Academy’s teachers and staff, Sergio has discovered a deep passion for playing many instruments, either as a solo performer or within musical bands, and is eagerly sharing it with his family, friends, and expanding audience. He is now very involved in scholastic musical activities too. The Music Academy definitely reflects a serious commitment to excellence and extraordinary dedication to its students’ artistic growth. Sergio will certainly continue to pursue his interests in music, thanks to The Music Academy.

Caputo Family

I have had such an unbelievable experience at the Music Academy for the past ten years. Music has definitely brought its own entertaining quality into my life. Thanks to all the wonderful instructors I’ve had. I hope to continue the relationship I have with the Music Academy as I move forward in life, never forgetting the skills that they have instilled in me or the people who made it happen.

Casey Furey

One of the best things we’ve ever done is to send our two daughters to The Music Academy. They have both gained so much confidence, while having a great time. The vocal and piano lessons are phenomenal, and their teachers really care about them. We look forward to each and every performance!

Ron and Jackie Cialino

Music is one of the many great gifts of God. It stimulates our imagination and creative thinking, enlightens our soul and broadens a person’s horizon. The Music Academy is more than just a music school or a business entity. It’s a music school that provides a venue and structure to cultivate and nourish talents and skills. We are very proud to be a part of The Music Academy family for so many years and will remain so for the years to come.

Dan Mariano Father of Danica (Piano and Violin) and Mark (Drums)

The Music Academy is a happy, healthy environment where people of all ages and walks of life are engaged in a study of music and performance art. Our daughter Jennifer has been with The Music Academy for six years now, first learning piano and now guitar. Joining bands is encouraged and facilitated, and the sky’s the limit. Concerts and recitals, some for charity, take place throughout the year, some at the legendary Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ! We love The Music Academy! Call Rob Diaz or Jill, and the staff can get you going today.

Gary DalCorso

Our 7 year old son Anthony has been taking private drum lessons at The Music Academy with Mr. Joe for a little over 2 years now. Mr. Joe has patiently worked with Anthony enhancing his natural ability all the while instructing him on the techniques of drumming and exposing him to different genres of music. Anthony thoroughly enjoys his lessons and is most definitely improving week after week. Rob and the rest of his staff are always courteous and professional and truly have the students’ best interest in mind.

Tony and Jennifer Gualano

Our son has been taking music lessons at The Music Academy for the last 7 years. We discovered The Music Academy after have a poor experience with a competitor. As soon as we started at The Music Academy, we knew this was the place to be for music.
Something that always stands out to us is the quality of the teachers. The Music Academy teachers give professional instruction, but more importantly, respect and challenge the students. They keep the students interested, and never treat them like they are “just kids”. Every instructor we’ve had, or have met in passing, truly cares about the students. Our children consider them friends they can talk to about anything.

Our Son started by taking group guitar lessons, and also played in several LPW (Live Playing Workshop) bands. Taking lessons and participating in the LPW program has taught him; leadership, confidence, to be comfortable on stage, how to compromise with other band members, and how to be creative with music. This has led to him playing in multiple bands, regularly at competitions, festivals, paid engagements, playing “just for fun”, and one of his bands is even recording a CD at a professional studio. Just recently he was awarded a music scholarship to the University he is attending this fall, all that to The Music Academy. Our daughter recently started taking private lessons and just joined her first LPW band. Her progress is amazing. Our 2 children often play together, and always impress whoever is listening.
Not only does The Music Academy provide superior music instruction, but relationships and skills that last a lifetime.

Irene & Fernando Fraticelli

While waiting for my son during drum lessons at The Music Academy, my interest in guitar was rekindled. I had not played in 20 years and was wary to jump back into it. The process of learning guitar was a challenge for me at first, but The Music Academy was extremely supportive and provided a positive learning experience geared toward my musical interests while learning the basics. The staff was knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of music. The lessons were dynamic and full of expert instruction from an experienced guitar player. Playing guitar is a positive approach to relieving the day-to-day stress of running my business and has brought me closer to my teenage son through music. I quickly became skilled enough and was invited to be part of a band to continue my growth in music. Being in a band was an experience I was never able to have when I was younger and would not have the opportunity to have without The Music Academy.

John D’Elia

Teachers here are extremely well in showing my kids how to progress individually in what they feel comfortable with. My kids have never said no I don’t want to go to music today, they look forward to their lessons every week, and enjoy practicing. Kiki is a very creative instructor and my 5-year-old absolutely adores her and looks up to her. In the past year she has progressed so immensely that sometimes I can’t believe that is her singing. Anthony has my 8-year-old who can play 3 instruments along with my 3-year-old son. He has an amazing amount of patience and is very encouraging. All the instructors are very impressive. The front staff is amazing and can work with all your schedule conflicts. Very professional and clean. Rob, Tony, and Jill pull it together and provide our area with an amazing school that knows music.

The Lorenzo Family

The Music Academy is a great place for students of all musical abilities and talents. Over the years my son's raw natural talent has been nurtured, honed and crafted into the brilliant musical talent he today, due to the guidance and teaching of the staff of the Music Academy.

Maryann Williams

Seven years already! Time has passed quickly since our son Dylan walked through the doors of The Music Academy for his first group guitar lesson. One of the really nice things about The Music Academy is the knowledgeable staff and the different musical influences that a student can be exposed to. When Dylan is playing at home he might start off rocking some Eric Johnson, fingerpick a little classical, and finish up with Simon and Garfunkel, always a varied play list. Playing music is a pleasure and skill that he’ll have for life that to his time well spent at The Music Academy.

Patrick O’Hara

As a music enthusiast all my life I’ve always wanted to play the guitar. On occasions, in my spare time, I’d go into the local “music stores” curious to see what they might have to offer and adult novice like myself. Unfortunately what I found were employees untrained in people skills or young employees that were more concerned with what was on their I-phone. But then, as luck would have it, right around the corner from my Law firm was this place called The Music Academy. From the moment I walked in the door I was greeted by a friendly staff member who enthusiastically explained their programs and how it would meet my needs, followed by a tour of their beautiful facility which quickly made me feel that this was the place for me.

I’ve now been a student for over 3 years and am happy to say that I am playing music with my friends on a regular basis. I can say without hesitation that the decision to sign up at The Music Academy had brought more value to my like than I could have ever imagined. The Music Academy is the only place I could recommend for any person of any age that wants to learn how to play music in an environment that exudes joy and positivity.
With warm regards and appreciation

Robert Fuggi Fuggi Law Firm, Toms River, NJ

I wanted to take a moment out of my day to say thank you for the many ways in which you have touched and enriched my family’s life. When my son came to me six years ago and said he wanted to take guitar lessons, I could not have imagined how far reaching the effects would be.

Music has always been a part of my upbringing, so when choosing a school I understood the significance of locating a facility that embraced teaching. I knew I did not want to send my son to a store that simply sold lessons as a means of income; I wanted a place that had a passion for music and children, and also offered opportunities for my son to utilize his skills. When I found the Music Academy I immediately knew I found a place that offered all of these things and more.

My son started out playing guitar, and after a period of time he was offered a spot in a live playing workshop, which we refer to as band. During the past three years my son and his band mates have played at multiple venues including a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy victims. My son’s experiences have taught him the importance of teamwork, community support, dependability, and accountability.

While each of these lessons is important, what I love the most is that throughout our experience every member of the Music Academy staff was there to support my son through any struggles he encountered. The staff is attentive and caring and if they notice a person is not “being themselves” they take the time to ask what is going on and how they can help. This is priceless for a teenager, and is what makes me consider the Music Academy my family.

My son has now added drum lessons to his repertoire and truly looks forward to his weekly lessons. I am proud of the young man he is becoming, and wanted to say thank you for all of your encouragement and support. The Music Academy is truly a unique school that I am delighted to be a part of.

Robbin Riavez

Our son Mathew Todero has been with The Music Academy since September 2008, He was just a little 7 year old by, we had tried the music stores with their backroom hall closet sized music classes, but it just seemed like their main interest was selling us instruments. As parents eager not to let our son fall into the abyss of questionable video games, the net & cell phones, and wanting to subject out sons knowledge - - thirsty brain to something that would stay with him for the REST OF HIS LIFE. We searched far and wide for a different place, a professional music school, that’s when we found The Music Academy. Living in Howell is was a little bit of a drive but after our very thoroughly informative meeting with Tony Palmucci we decided to try it.

Within the first six month, eager to show us what he could do, his instructor included him in the next piano recital, this is one of the many things that The Music Academy does that most other so called “Music Schools” do not, getting the students on stage for a performance in front of an audience. What a confidence builder!!! Forget facebook, you want a positive social climate, play an instrument in front of 50-100 people that you don’t know and have some of them pat you on the back and tell you what a good job you did. We did expect too much, but we were pleasantly surprised at what our son could do after such a short time. Our main concern, was to keep him busy with “useful, positive things”, But, now a SHORT 5 years later, when he plays “Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven, Fur Elise, Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” or “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, we get goose bumps.

After a while our son was moving along with his lessons and this his now long list of songs, we were approached by Rob Diaz to see if Mathew was interested in playing keyboards in a band for one of their many “Performing Workshops” that he was putting together. Another thing the “instrument stores” that we checked out do not offer. With there expert musical director Harold Frazee at the lead, this was the birth of the group “The Sirens” who classic & popular rock had pleased audiences as far as “The Steel Stacks” in Bethlehem PA. to benefit families devastated by Hurricane Sandy, to world famous venues like “The Stone Pony”, and still do, three years later.

The professionalism and dedication to their students and to their art is above reproach. Accomplished Musicians and owners Rob Diaz & Tony Palmucci’s love of music and dedication to their students learning is evident as soon as you walk in the door. With pleasant & knowledge staff manager Jill greeting you as you enter, with 2 fully equipped workshop studios to the large instruction rooms and the extremely professional and talented instructors and staff, The Music Academy is the ONLY place to send your child or yourself for music instruction and believe us, it certainly has been, and is, an extreme pleasure to have our son as part of The Music Academy alumni, Thank You.

Proud Parents Elizabeth & Frank Todero

When my son, Clayton, expressed and interest in learning to play guitar we did some research and decided our first stop should be The Music Academy. We had heard about its great reputation, knew that it had been in business for many years, and were familiar with its location, which wasn’t far from us. During our initial visit, we met the owners, Rob and Tony, and were given a tour of the Academy by Jill, who knowledgeably and cheerfully answered all of our questions and concerns. We were so impressed by the facility, the owners and the stag that we immediately enrolled Clayton in private lessons.

It didn’t take long for Clayton to decide that his first three goals were to become good enough to join a Live Playing Workshop, play in an Academy concert, and get his “picture” on the wall. Although I was confident in his ability and determination to achieve these goals, I was amazed at how soon he actually succeeded. Within eight months he had become proficient enough to be invited to join a Live Playing Workshop and three months later he performed his first Music Academy concert. Much of the credit belongs to Anthony, his teacher, and the high-quality instruction he provided during every lesson. We were also impressed by the tremendous amount of help and encouragement he received from everyone at the Academy. The education, abilities, patience and professionalism of the instructors is unsurpassed and the commitment to their students is unequalled; all of which was instrumental (no pun intended) in helping Clayton achieve his goals so quickly.

Since starting lessons less than two and a half years ago, he has become an accomplished guitar player, continues to be a member of a Live Playing Workshop group, and has performed in five of the Academy shows, including a coveted performance on the stage of the iconic Stone Pony. Along with his ongoing lessons and support from his instructors (Anthony and Pat), he is well on the way to his current goal of studying music in college. By the way, he did meet the last of his early goals – he got his picture on the wall.

As the saying goes: “like father like son” - - or in this instance, “like son like father”. I was so impressed by the quality of instruction and the tremendous student/parent friendly and focused atmosphere at the Academy that I recently decided to pursue a dream of my own. Six months ago I followed in my sons footsteps and enrolled for lessons - - fulfilling a very old desire to learn how to play the acoustic guitar. I now look forward to my weekly lesson with Kevin. Although my ultimate goals may not be the same as my sons, with the quality instruction and encouragement the Academy provides, I have progressed much further and faster than I could have ever imagined. And, there has been an added benefit; music lessons - - and more specifically playing guitar - - have opened up an entirely new avenue of communication between a father and his teenage son.

Aristotle would have been absolutely correct if he were talking about The Music Academy when he said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” When you add together great teachers, caring owners, an upbeat, helpful attentive staff, a welcoming and comfortable facility, and environment of success, and the mission to provide students with the gift of music, you can only end up with something far greater - -

Bruce Young